1845 Osband Demo: Complete

This morning, I greeted neighbors of the 1800 Osband Ave block along with my colleagues Andi Crawford and Brittany Gordon. We all waited excitedly, in the chilly morning air, to tweet out live the demolition of 1845 Osband Ave.

Here sits 1845 a few weeks before:

ConvertCapitolAve 001

And here is after the first chomp of the demo:


An exciting time for neighbors and Lansing residents, TruGreen’s initiative TruNeighbor announced earlier this year their funding of a $20,000 project for the City of Lansing. Handpicked by project leaders, 1845 Osband Ave will receive several fruit trees, which the neighbors are welcome to harvest and eat, perennial bushes, and barrels for the fruit. The Neighborhood Resource Team is focusing on building capacity on the block, as well as partnerships within the neighborhood. Check back in here for more! We are happy to be making progress and spending time with the Osband Orchard neighbors.


2 thoughts on “1845 Osband Demo: Complete

  1. Stephany and Frank Burke September 28, 2015 / 3:48 am

    Oh my gosh, so sad. This was my husbands grandparents home, they were the original owners.
    We know it fell into disrepair over the years. It was in the family for years. But happy a garden will be planted.


    • claritalucia September 29, 2015 / 5:14 pm


      It was great to meet and connect with you and hear about how lovely Minnie and her garden were. We look forward to spending more time and doing great work together on 1845 Osband!



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