A Tour Through History: Our Walking Tour on the Eastside.

Last night, the Neighborhood Resource Team met with neighborhood leader, Sandra, of Prospect Place Place Gardening and Gathering Space for a romantic evening stroll and an informative talk on the history of PPGS’s section of the Eastside. Sandra was our guide and created illustrations in our minds of the historic beauty of the houses and churned out wondrous stories of her neighbors–from seeing beautiful English gardens to a partially solar-powered house (thanks to the house’s front sun room), we were charmed by the Prospect area. Below is a picture of Andi and I diligently listening to Sandra.


Learning about the houses in the neighborhood had to be one of the best parts of this Walking Wednesday. Driving by, one would never realize how vast these houses are, going deep into their properties. We saw the magnificence of the houses that were well-maintained and felt the tragedy in the houses that have been neglected. We also learned the story of a man who worked hard with the City in showing them that the slope of his road caused flooding and the destruction of his sidewalk. By collaborating with the City, this man managed to create a beautiful sidewalk space by his house. Below is the shining star of a sidewalk.


I would be remiss if I ended this posting without mentioning the great resource that is Prospect Place Gardening and Gathering Space. Created six years ago as a space for children to play, this space has grown–literally and figuratively–with large native perennial beds, vegetables for anyone who comes to the garden to harvest, a handicap accessible brick path, and a space for people to hang out. The cherry on top has to be the little library that sits in front. It’s a quaint space that needs a new set of hands to help further it into the future. Sandra and many neighbors created this beautiful space, but they want to see other neighbors help it grow. I can only imagine what the PPGS of the future will contain.

DSCN0079[1] DSCN0088[1] DSCN0082[1] DSCN0076[1] DSCN0085[1] DSCN0081[1] DSCN0080[1] DSCN0074[1]

I hope you all grab a book and come visit this great space and neighborhood!


3 thoughts on “A Tour Through History: Our Walking Tour on the Eastside.

  1. Sandra September 3, 2015 / 8:35 pm

    Thank you, Brittany for this lovely write-up.  Attached is a slide presentation with a history of the participation we enjoyed over our six seasons.  Should you want to use any of the photos, I can do my best to get releases.   Sandra L. Cade, Ph.D. Si quieres paz, lucha por la justicia

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  2. Sandra September 4, 2015 / 1:24 am

    Brittany – I believe that the person who shared the story of the repaired sidewalk might see it more a situation of struggling to get the City to cooperate w/the homeowner. You have a gift, my dear. 🌺🏡

    Sandra Si quieres paz, lucha por la justicia



  3. Sandra September 5, 2015 / 11:07 pm

    Prospect P.L.A.C.E. Neighbors — Please attend the Neighborhood Grant Workshop at the Allen Marketplace on Saturday, Sept 12 , 9:00-12:00, The City’s Neighborhood Resource Team is working like crazy to help folks design improvement grants that can make a difference right where we live. Bring your ideas on how up to $5,000.00 could make a difference.

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