Calling All Lansing Residents!

Below are two surveys: One out of Ingham County and the other out of the Department of Planning and Neighborhood Development. Getting resident feedback regarding these two topics is important for us in planning Lansing’s future. Please take these surveys and forward them to your neighbors!

Ingham County Trails Survey

Attached is the survey for the Ingham County Trails Millage to send out to all of your groups.  This survey is only open for two weeks.  Please ask anyone you know to take a moment and complete this survey on regarding public input on the Lansing River Trail.

The direct link to the survey is:

City of Lansing 5-year HUD Consolidated Plan

The  Department of Planning and Neighborhood Development presented information about HUD funding received by the City of Lansing and sought community input about its allocation in the upcoming 5 year plan at our past LiNCS meeting.  Here is a link to their presentation: Consolidated Plan HUD. Please provide your feedback which will inform the funding allocation decision process for these funds.  Please complete this survey and forward it to your networks for their feedback. 


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