Getting to know the Love Your Block Sites: An Intern’s Diary

Hello my name is Nicholas Boswell, and I am the Citywide Service Plan Intern serving with the AmeriCorps VISTAs, Clara Martinez and Brittany Gordon, and the Neighborhood Resource Coordinator, Andi Crawford. I am also a student at Michigan State and avid football fan.

Today I got a chance to see the great Love Your Block sites, where some very exciting things are happening here in Lansing. The VISTAs have been very active in getting these projects rolling and they look very promising.

My favorite project was Eaglevision Ministries’ work at Edmore Park–their idea of expanding the park to the Grand River sounds like it could really put a positive spotlight in the community. Holmes Street School Community’s Garden seems like a good expierence for the residents, and I am interested in learning how they hold each other accountable in keeping the garden up.

I am looking forward to meeting lots of new people and getting more involved with the Love Your Block projects in the very near future.DSCN0230[1]


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