Meet The Grantees: Eaglevision Ministries at Edmore Park


It was a breezy March afternoon, the slight hope of Spring in the air. Dr. LaClaire Bouknight, Executive Director of Eaglevision Ministries, and I ventured out for her to introduce me to the neighbors surrounding Edmore Park in northern Lansing.

One of seven Lansing Love Your Block grant recipients, Eaglevision Ministries is adopting a block, but more so a park and a neighborhood, in the northern Lansing area. Eaglevision has begun hosting several outreach events for the residents of Edmore Park Neighborhood, which are on three sides of Edmore Park, and plan to continue not only the outreach but also the continual assistance with cleaning up Edmore Park and preparing it for summer fun.

As a grant recipient of Lansing Love Your Block, Dr. Bouknight has combined the funds and the Love Your Block Blueprint from Cities of Service with the Eaglevision Ministries Community Engagement Model, Adopt-a-Block. Learn more about Eaglevision Ministries and this model here.

It was a pleasure speaking to neighbors and hearing their voices on their neighborhood. More outreach and updates to follow!



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