Hello Everyone!



Hello everyone! My name is Scott Thompson, and I am the newest Americorps Vista for the Love Your Block program here in Lansing. Over the next year, I will be working with Clara to continue the implementation of the Love Your Block projects. Over the past week I have learned all about the great things that has happened here in the community, as well as the exciting opportunities we have over the next year to continue to improve Lansing neighborhoods, and get people involved in their community.

I recently graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo State with a degree in Urban Planning. During my four years there, I developed a passion for improving cities in a way that they can meet their full potential. I learned that community improvement starts with the residents who live there. Local citizens are the ones that see all the assets that a community has, as well as issues that need to be improved upon. This is why I was excited when I heard about this Americorps position here in Lansing. This is a program where the local government is working directly with the community leaders and residents to figure out what the best way is to guide and strengthen our neighborhoods.

There’s a good chance that you will see me sometime in the next year. I will be meeting with the community across all of Lansing’s neighborhoods. Clara and Brittany have created an amazing framework for Love Your Block, and I am excited to work with and add to this as we continue through 2016. I have not been here long, but I can already see that Lansing is a great city with amazing people. I hope you are as excited about our upcoming projects as I am, because I think we are in for a great year!



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