Walking Wednesday: Holmes Street School Community

Due to a sudden (and much needed) thunderstorm, we had a shorter and more localized Walking Wednesday this week. However, we still got a chance to meet with MaryBeth Van Horn and Kelly Groll, who was able to give us a tour of the community garden, which also happens to be a Love Your Block project! The garden sits by the corner of Holmes St. and Malcolm X Blvd, and is open to any neighbors who want to use a plot to grow vegetables or flowers.

The garden has gone through several improvements over the past year. They have constructed a wooden walkway made out of donated material, in order to make it easier to get from plot to plot. HSSC, with help from students at Michigan State University, constructed worm pipes, which are designed to encourage worms to fertilize the soil. Perhaps most noticeably is the new Rain Water Collection structure at the back of the property.

Perhaps most exciting, as MaryBeth noted, is that the garden is a Poke Stop for Pokemon Go players, meaning the garden is being seen by a lot more people!

The garden is a definite asset to the Holmes Street School Community.


HSSC 7-13 003
In spite of the drought and a local groundhog infestation, the garden is looking good!

HSSC 7-13 005

The new rainwater collection facility

HSSC 7-13 006
HSSC 7-13 007
Newly installed lights


HSSC 7-13 002
A full view of the garden from the back.

For more information:

Holmes Street School Community Association

Holmes Street School Community Facebook Page



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