Potter Walsh Neighborhood Cleanup



This past Saturday, I had the privilege to join the Potter Walsh Neighborhood Clean-up. The goal of a clean-up is to have neighbors bring out the bulk items they have lying around, and have garbage trucks come in and dispose of them. This is a valuable service for a community, as it helps to clean up the neighborhood at no cost to the resident.

We met at 8:00 AM in front of the Eastside Community Action Center. The clean-up started out dry, but the rain started to fall shortly after . This didn’t stop around a dozen volunteers from helping out . The group was led by Willie Davis, a  man who has lived in the Potter Walsh Neighborhood for years, and was thrilled to see so many people eager to help. We split up into teams of three (one for each truck), and drove around the streets, looking for bulk items at the curb. In our team, roughly 10 or 15 houses took advantage of this opportunity, and they made it clear what a service this was. The curbs were piled with items, including old televisions, toys, broken electronics, furniture, and many other items that have piled up for years. Our team was able to knock out our portion of the neighborhood in an hour and a half. By this time we were all thoroughly soaked, but we got through a huge amount of trash, and were able to see how thrilled residents were to see a clean-up in action.

If your neighborhood is interested in hosting a clean-up day, please submit the Clean-up application below or contact the Neighborhood Resource Coordinator, Andi Crawford, at 517-372-5980.





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