NAM Conference Coming to Lansing

Neighborhood Associations of Michigan is coming to Lansing for their Annual Conference Friday, September 9th, and Saturday, September 10th. The City of Lansing is excited to host this year,  as we will be able to hear about neighborhoods across the state. We also have the opportunity to take neighborhood leaders on a bus tour of our city, to show some of the things we have going on here. Here are the projects we will be focusing on:

Averill Woods School & Community Garden: Established in 2010, this garden allows a space for neighbors to come together and grow food. The garden partners with Averill Elementary School, and provides an educational experience for students working with their teachers in the garden.

Southwest Lansing Initiative: The SLI is a priority neighborhood planning effort supported by the State of Michigan Economic Development Agency with direct support from the Governor’s office. Focused at the area around Pleasant Grove and Holmes, the initiative is focused on creating a residential and commercial market study to identify new opportunities to help grow the area.

REO Town: REO Town is an historic neighborhood on the Southside, that is undergoing a great number of changes. The tour will focus on the growth and development of the neighborhood, as well as the pocket parks throughout the neighborhood that builds on the strong sense of community Reo Town has.

1112 Prospect Playground: A number of partners, including Sparrow Hospital, the Association for the Bingham Community, the Ingham County Land Bank, and the City of Lansing helped to develop what was previously a empty lot, into a playground for a neighborhood that previously did not have a place for children to play.

Westside/Dunneback Park Trail Project: This project is designed to connect the Westside and Old Oakland Neighborhoods with the rest of the city, by creating a trail that crosses through Westside and Dunneback Parks, and connects to the neighborhood on the other side of Oakland Rd. and Saginaw St. It has been a collaboration of a number of partners.

We are excited to show off some of our exciting projects to leaders across Michigan. This conference and tour will be an opportunity not only to tell everyone about what we’re doing here in Lansing, but to learn about what neighborhood leaders are doing in other cities.


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