Walking Wednesday: Baker Neighborhood


We went to Baker Neighborhood this week for our biggest Walking Wednesday yet. Twenty-nine people from the neighborhood, the City, and across Lansing came together to walk the neighborhood, and to hear about the exciting new projects that are in the works. Baker Neighborhood is on the Southside, and is bounded by Pennsylvania Avenue to the east, Cedar Street to the west, Mt. Hope Avenue to the South, and the Red Cedar River to the north.

We started off at Cesaer/Donora park with a discussion regarding the Mayor’s Block by Block (B3) Initiative. B3 is a collaboration between community leaders and residents and City officials to revitalize neighborhoods. Since Baker is the first target neighborhood, this Walking Wednesday was particularly exciting, as we got to see the neighborhood’s many assets that can be built upon.


29 People showed up to tour the Baker Neighborhood
Caesar/Donora Park
Caesar/Donora Park

Cesaer/Donora Park was the first great asset we saw in the neighborhood. It has a pavilion, a playground, and stunning foliage. We also walked by the Red Cedar River, and saw the amazing autumn foliage that residents get to live by. Making our way up Beulah Street, we headed towards the train tracks, where we were able to see some of the industrial buildings that the neighborhood was built around. This area, much like the rest of the Baker neighborhood has recently seen a resurgence of development and energy.

Walking down Fayette Street
Planning Director Bob Johnson and Baker Neighborhood Watch Captain Betty Draher
Walking by the rail that runs through the neighborhood.
The Red Cedar River, as viewed from Beulah Street

It was great to see so many people in the neighborhood take an interest in the Baker Neighborhood. There is definitely an energy building in the community, and it will be exciting to see what’s next for the neighborhood.

Also, come out to the Baker Neighborhood tomorrow, and help volunteer for the CDGB clean up. The clean up is an opportunity for residents to dispose of bulk items at no cost to themselves. The clean up crew will meet at Cesaer Donora Park at 7:30AM.


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