Mapping Tools for Your Organization

GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems, which are tools that are used to express information onto maps. GIS maps can be used by organizations to more clearly explain neighborhood conditions and problems, or can just be used to show people where they live. The City is available to help organization with their GIS needs.

Uses for Neighborhood Organization

Neighborhood Maps: A simple map showing where the boundaries of the neighborhood you serve is great to have on hand, and can help show residents which neighborhood they live in. They can also show information like where block captains or members of your group reside.

Parcel Maps: A parcel map is used to show where property lines lie in an area, and can be useful for development projects or property disputes.

Land Use Map: A land use map shows the function of each property, and can show zoning and parks/waterways.

Data Map: Demographic maps can show all kinds of data, including, but not limited to:

  • Which houses are red tagged
  • Where the flood plain or floodway lies
  • Where federally designated CDBG designated areas are
  • Assessed housing values
  • Crime statistics

Create a Map

For more information on how to have a map created, or how to create and collect data, please contact Scott Thompson at Lansing’s Neighborhood Resource Team, at, or 517-483-4075.

Available Resources

Here are some links to current maps that the City has available:


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