Love Lansing Celebration

Hello everyone! So the Love Lansing Celebration occurred just yesterday evening. As a newcomer to the communities of Lansing, it was overwhelming to see all the individuals I’m just starting to get to know. While I didn’t mingle as much, it was interesting what I observed of the communities. With the Lansing officials and neighborhood associations present, there was a general feeling of camaraderie.

It showed itself especially with the understanding of the accomplishments of the individuals recognized during the awards. There were specific stories shared connected to paint an overall picture of the city of Lansing. Diversity in the awards, particularly in terms of generations, was nice to see since age can be a great divide with social impact. This sense of camaraderie across different lived experiences makes me wonder about my parents’ own experience in cities as immigrants.

I grew up in the much smaller city of Midland, MI, which was maybe the fifth or so city my parents lived in. Despite being a smaller city, most of the connection my parents made were through sporadic social activities like sports or connections to parents of my fellow classmates. I wonder if there had been these kind of communities in Midland, if they might have had an easier time connecting with people.

It would have been especially helpful considering the cultural barriers they experienced as immigrants. It makes me wonder about the experience of immigrants in connection to local neighborhood associations. That will be something for me to explore as I get to know the communities better.

For so many people coming from different parts of Lansing, I could still feel a sense of community because regardless of any difference in goals, the goal of making a better city through collaboration tied everyone together as noted during the awards ceremony. It only makes me eager further to get to know the communities better especially in regards to the neighborhoods who could not physically be there last night. I hope to better understand some of the stories celebrated yesterday evening.


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