Walking Around Walnut and Cherry Hill

For this edition of Walking Wednesday, we walked over to Walnut Neighborhood and Cherry Hill Neighborhood. Our first tour began in Walnut Neighborhood on Lansing’s west side. It is bounded by the Grand River to the East, Willow St. to the North, Saginaw St. to the South, and Pine St. to the West.

Walking Wednesday @ Walnut Neighborhood

We were joined by Andy Kilpatrick, the City’s Engineer, and Kasha Osborn, the LPD’s community resource officer. Both Andy and Kasha were able to talk about their specialties throughout the walk.

During the walk, I was struck at how much activity there was in the neighborhood. Neighbors were out walking around, sitting on their porches and conversing with us as we passed. The Walnut Neighborhood was one of the highlights of my week.


Walking Wednesday @ Cherry Hill Neighborhood



Our next stop took us to the Cherry Hill Neighborhood. This historic neighborhood can be found in the southern portion of downtown Lansing. It is found in the area South of Kalamazoo St., East of Washington Ave., West of the Grand River, and North of Saint Joseph Ave. Cherry Hill is home to the greatest number of clap board and 19th century brick homes in the city. Some of the homes there are almost 100 years old.



The tour began at Cherry Hill park and wound through the neighborhood. The tour was loosely led by the president of the Cherry Hill Neighborhood Association, Mary Toschach. I loved walking through this neighborhood and seeing different architectural styles next to each other. These homes are definitely worth a visit. You can find the Cherry Hill Walking Tour map at https://www.lansingmi.gov/DocumentCenter/Home/View/440. This tour is perfect for an early Saturday morning or a lazy Sunday.

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Walking Tuesday: Westside Neighborhood

Today, the Westside neighborhood hosted a tour of the beautiful homes in their neighborhood. The Westside is aptly named as it is on the western boundary of the City of Lansing proper. The neighborhood boundaries are Oakland Ave. to the north, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd to the east, the Grand River Ave. to the south, and the city boundary to the west.

Westside Walking
Lansing Sexton: the beginning of the tour.

The tour began at J. W. Sexton High School and wound around the adjacent streets. This tour included many historic homes that were built just after World War II or before. There were 15 homes highlighted during the tour of various style and structure. These homes were in pristine condition. It is evident that neighbors on the west side value their beautiful homes.

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As the tour wound to a close, I was struck by the tour group. The group was made of people from all over, both inside Lansing and out. Many members of the tour spoke of how they much they wanted to live in this area and how beautiful the homes are. If you have time during your busy summer, this neighborhood is one of the gems of Lansing and is well worth a visit.

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Walking Wednesday: Sycamore Park

Last Wednesday, the Sycamore Park Neighborhood hosted a Walking Wednesday. Sycamore Park is a beautiful neighborhood on Lansing’s Southside. It is bounded by Pennsylvania Ave. to the east, the Red Cedar River to the north and east and Mt. Hope Rd. to the south.

We started the walk at Sycamore Park (a city park to the northeast of the Sycamore Park Neighborhood). Before we began, the group talked about the latest in the Mayor’s Block by Block (B3) Initiative. B3 is a collaboration between community leaders, residents and City officials to revitalize neighborhoods. We were all able to see the work of our hardworking neighbors that came out to plant flowers along the Pennslyvania Ave. medians during the Neighborhood’s in Bloom event this past May.

Sycamore Park

The walk commenced with a tour of the highlights of the neighborhood. I was fascinated by the amount of green space in Sycamore Park. There were trees lining every street. It felt like we were walking exploring through tunnels. We even found a community library. This converted mailbox had hundreds of books that anyone from the neighborhood could “check-out”. What a great idea!

FullSizeRender 3
A view from Sycamore Park
Mailbox Library!

Next, the tour took us to Shubel Park. This park is a natural forest with many walking trails inside. The group took one of the trails that opens up onto the Red Cedar. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I loved seeing the plants and animals in Shubel Park.

A look at the Red Cedar River from Shubel Park.

It was great to see so many people in the neighborhood take an interest in the Sycamore Park Neighborhood. There is definitely an energy building in the community, and it will be exciting to see what’s next for the neighborhood.

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Hello Lansing!

headshot.jpegHello neighbors!

My name is Ben Thompson and I’m so excited to be the newest AmeriCorps VISTA member of the Neighborhood Resource Team. I am a recent graduate at Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in social work. At my time at MSU, I was given the opportunity to intern at the Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement. This position helped to shine a light on how important volunteering and community engagement is for people of all ages. I am so excited to begin my work with the Lansing Love Your Block and the Mayor’s Block by Block initiative to foster civic engagement in Lansing!

This week, I shadowed the outgoing VISTA, Scott Thompson through his grantee cohort (South Side Community Coalition, Southwest Action Group, and the Lansing Soccer Club). I loved talking to these groups about what they envision for their communities. I tried to take as many pictures as possible at these sites. I’m so excited to continue the work already that Scott has completed and help these three community groups move forward.


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