Walking Tuesday: Westside Neighborhood

Today, the Westside neighborhood hosted a tour of the beautiful homes in their neighborhood. The Westside is aptly named as it is on the western boundary of the City of Lansing proper. The neighborhood boundaries are Oakland Ave. to the north, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd to the east, the Grand River Ave. to the south, and the city boundary to the west.

Westside Walking
Lansing Sexton: the beginning of the tour.

The tour began at J. W. Sexton High School and wound around the adjacent streets. This tour included many historic homes that were built just after World War II or before. There were 15 homes highlighted during the tour of various style and structure. These homes were in pristine condition. It is evident that neighbors on the west side value their beautiful homes.

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As the tour wound to a close, I was struck by the tour group. The group was made of people from all over, both inside Lansing and out. Many members of the tour spoke of how they much they wanted to live in this area and how beautiful the homes are. If you have time during your busy summer, this neighborhood is one of the gems of Lansing and is well worth a visit.

Be sure to check out our next group of Walking Wednesday’s this week!

  • Walnut Neighborhood Walking Wednesday: Wednesday 6-28 @ 12:00 pm
  • Cherry Hill Walking Wednesday: Wednesday 6-28 @ 6:00 pm

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