What a Weekend!

The Neighborhood Resource Team had a full weekend. We like to be wherever neighbors are gathering to celebrate the hard work that they are doing.

Last Friday, the team was hard at work showing our friends from the Urban Institute around Lansing. We started early in the morning at the Lansing City Market where we rented bikes from Rivertown Adventures. We biked all over the city on the River Trail seeing the sites of the river, the occasional duck and fish, and the wonderful parks along the way. Our group stopped at the Holmes Street School Neighborhood’s community garden and ran into MaryBeth Van Horn, a resident from the Holmes Street School community. That community garden is one of Lansing’s hidden gems. It’s definitely worth a look.

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On Saturday, the team split up. I contributed to the neighborhood cleanup led by Southwest Action Group (SWAG). Our band of neighbors traveled up and down the streets near the intersection Pleasant Grove and Holmes to pick up trash and other large items that the neighbors had left by the curb. It was a very tiring but worthwhile experience.

SWAG Cleanup
Neighbors cleaning up trash in Southwest Lansing.

Clara and Andi went to the Baker Neighborhood Family Fun Day. They had a blast at all of the events there. The turnout was great. Over 500 people showed up for food, fun, and an assortment of games. Here’s some pictures from the event.

The team all rested throughout Sunday and is excited to get back to work with Lansing’s fantastic neighborhoods this week!

Stay tuned for more exciting things this week!