Neighborhood Website Alert!

This past week, the City of Lansing launched it’s new neighborhood website. This new site pulled all of the neighborhood information from the city website and transferred it to a new site that will be more neighborhood focused. Before you read more, go and check it out at I’ll wait for you to come back.

Neighborhood Website
The City of Lansing’s new neighborhood website.

The neighborhood website will host a few old features from the city website. Neighborhood groups that want a page on this site will get one. These pages will feature contact information for the group (along the left side), neighborhood boundaries (in a map below), and the meeting times and locations of the group. Each group can also submit pictures that they might want included in their page.

DNA site
An example of a neighborhood webpage.
DNA site_1
An example of a neighborhood map.

The neighborhood website also includes a new version of the Lansing Citizen’s Handbook and the Neighborhood Organization Resource Handbook. These two documents (pictured below) are resources for either the everyday citizen (the Citizen’s Handbook) or the serious neighborhood minded citizen (the Neighborhood Organization Handbook).

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Both of these large documents have been broken down to smaller, one-page documents. For example, if you were looking to get trash picked up at your house, you can look under I want to… and find a document titled Trash Pickup Assistance.

If you want your neighborhood organization included in this website, please contact Andi Crawford ( or myself ( for more information.