The Neighborhood Resource Team

The Lansing Love Your Block Mini Grant Program is a source of funding and capacity building for neighborhood and community groups that reside within the City of Lansing. Created and funded by the non-profit Cities of Service, the Love Your Block Mini Grant Program is based on the Cities of Service Love Your Block Blueprint. The blueprint is designed to guide cities and their neighborhoods through the processes of neighborhood reviatlization by engaging and empowering citizens to create citizen led, city supported solutions for blight elimination and community capacity building. Through a rigorous application process, the City of Lansing was awarded a membership to the Cities of Service Coalition of Cities, a one of seven city membership as a City Hall AmeriCorps VISTA program City, $30,000 to jumpstart Love Your Block programming, and two AmeriCorps VISTAs for three years that will implement Mayoral initiatives as well as Cities of Service Blueprints.

Our colaition of local community partners that support Love Your Block include the City of Lansing’s Office of the Mayor, Virg Bernero, the Lansing Neighborhood Resource Team, three community based organizations (Allen Neighborhood Center, South Lansing Community Development Association, NorthWest Initiative), Saginaw Oakland Commercial Association, and the Lansing Love Your Block Workgroup. This team is responsible for implementing the Love Your Block blueprint and creating a mini-grant program where neighborhoods can apply for Love Your Block funds. The Love Your Block project coordinates with the Hardest Hit Blight Elimination fund demolitions (view map here).

The City of Lansing’s Neighborhood Resource Team

The Lansing Love Your Block Mini Grant Program is primarily organized by the City of Lansing Neighborhood Resource Team, which includes Neighborhood Resource Coordinator Andi Crawford, and two City Hall AmeriCorps VISTAs.

Andi Crawford, Neighborhood Resource Coordinator


To contact: or 517-410-3904

Scott Thompson, AmeriCorps VISTA, Year of Service: 1


To contact: or 517-483-4075

Clara Martinez, AmeriCorps VISTA, Year of Service: 2


To contact: or 517-483-4076





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