Lansing Reps!

What a great group of people and what a great trip!!!



Flint Bus Tour

On the ride to our first neighborhood stop, Flint Police Officer Meeks gives us a guided tour of the city.

She outlined their tire pick up program and discussed how with the incentive of a gas stipend, Flint residents were able to clean-up 9,000 tires last year!

The city will be doing another tire pick-up this year!

She also discussed how one neighborhood was able to fight off a liquor store and combat the crime, drugs, and fighting that comes with it! What a great victory for that neighborhood!

Flint’s Mayor Walling…

Mayor Walling briefly outlined the Blight Elimination in Flint, saying that they realized a few years ago that it was their time. Flint approached blight elimination by approaching blocks, not entire neighborhoods, but blocks in order to allow for more efficient improvement.

From the Cities of Service, they created a Love Your City framework. They inundated a cleanup program that allowed participation for city members outside of the selected blocks.

They created a process and asked neighborhood groups to apply for resources, seeing that they already had a plan that was consistent with the city’s plan. A goal of the project was to create before and after photos to get people thinking!

The city focused on beautification- “not only removing the trash, but putting something back in!”